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Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Your Mother Taught You Better Than This

It figures, sadly but unfortunately also predictably, that when Madam steps out for a leisurely lunch and glass of wine, the mice come out to play.

Or rather, even more sadly, the larger variety of a different species.

Consider if you will, and if you can stomach it, this recent IG comment on certain conoffs' behavior:

"OIG found that Consular Section managers’ failure to address adequately improper conduct by two officers had a negative effect on LE staff morale. Several months before the inspection, LE staff complained to consular managers about the officers’ conduct, which involved use of abrasive language and tone with visa applicants and frequent pressure on LE staff to translate the rude comments.

"Although consular managers attempted to address the officers’ conduct and had kept the previous DCM fully informed, the officers’ conduct continued to be a problem even during the inspection. After OIG questioned their handling of the situation, consular managers worked with the Front Office and the Human Resources Officer to take further action. As a result, OIG did not make a recommendation to address this issue."

"You're not just 214(b), you are a f-ing stupid and ugly 214(b). And your mama was a Chiweenie."

Really? Or was someone - or were a pair of someones - tenured too early?

Madam hopes that the front office finally worked up the moxie to do the necessary:

Rolled Up Newspaper With Rubber Band Stock Photo, Picture And ...

Madam also hopes that, now that she is back, the ill-behaved will remember how their mothers raised them, or should have raised them: please, thank you, I'm very sorry, etc. And even if their mothers were mean, snarly crossbreeds who never spoke a civil word, they should still have learned better from their superiors if not from their peers.

It is perfectly acceptable to say, "I'm very sorry, but you don't qualify for the visa. I hope you aren't too disappointed," while handing the applicant the 214(b) boilerplate sheet.

It doesn't matter if you don't mean that. You say it anyway!


1. That is how civilized, well-educated, dignified people who represent a foreign government behave, and 

2. That serves as acknowledgment of the reality and dignity of the disappointed party, so they might leave disappointed, but at least not feeling personally wounded and insulted by your rude and superior attitude, and

3.You don't know the size of the motorbike that might accidentally run over your ankle in a very narrow Thamel alleyway, and every one of the hundreds of observers with either click their tongues in fake sympathy, or pretend the didn't notice.

4. You already have an unenviable reputation that is the shame of your employing agency. Don't make it even worse.

Behave yourself. Even if no one who, in your opinion, matters is watching. Everyone and everything matters. Even to you.

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