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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spooks Among Us - Quick, Who Can We Blame?

Ten "illegal" individuals who lived in the US as American citizens for years were recently arrested and charged with espionage on behalf of the Russian government, after seven years of investigation by the FBI.  Apparently their work involved the clandestine exchange of briefcases, secret codes, invisible ink - all the best features of truly cheesy '60s and '70s fiction, but for real.  Their own children, it is said, did not know what the parents were up to.  This group worked for so long that they apparently began some low-key squabbling - as sometimes happens in extended families that live too close together for too long. 

The government of Russia has rejected the accusations.

Who is willing to bet that in a few days some US lawmaker won't be leading a baying pack demanding the resignations if not the heads of whichever consular officers or passport agency employees issued visas or US passports to these characters more than a decade ago?  Madam has $1.50 on Chuck Grassley.


SassAndSweet said...

I think I read that some of them hold Canadian PPTs and probably came in on TN status. Does this mean, as a ConOff, I can wipe the sweat off my brow? :)

Anonymous said...

Remember, they only came for Mary Ryan months later. Madam recommends that all consular officers bar the doors at night until the requisite human sacrifice is selected.