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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hunter Comes Home

He refused to sign a PAW so CA/OCS/ACS isn't talking, but his brother delivered the news:  Gary Faulkner, the intrepid American who trekked to Northern Pakistan armed with nothing more than a pistol, a sword, a set of night-vision goggles, plus probably exasperated impatience and a keen sense of righteousness, has been released by the (perhaps bemused) government of Pakistan and will be home soon.

He's not crazy, the brother says, and who are we to disagree...we who see really, really crazy so often?

Bin Laden himself might want to think about worrying.  Maybe hiding in a cave isn't enough...

 On the other hand, five younger American men were convicted and sentenced to ten years in prison in Pakistan.  According to evidence and witnesses, they were planning to participate in clandestine attacks against Pakistan and its allies.  The article fairly notes that the US government "has a duty to insure justice for its citizens" while it also has "pushed Pakistan to crack down on militancy."  These are not, of course, mutually incompatible goals; for consular officers, the only goal of concern is the first one:  see that they are treated no worse under the local laws and local care than a local person would be.  See that, if convicted and sentenced, they are safely and adequately cared for.  Follow the PAW and the FAM.  All else is future.

And if they carried any Groucho glasses and noses in their luggage that they don't want any more, check into donating them to a worthy cause.

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