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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Learning the Language

While individuals might have personal complaints and frustrations about individual FSI programs - Madam herself has experienced mixed results, depending on the methods used to teach one language or another - the place as a whole is generally skilled and pretty reliable.  Go in intending to get a 3/3, and you will most likely come out satisfied, if stressed and exhausted.

For those who need a bit more, however, there are some outside resources that many don't know about but can use to good effect without buying a whole separate course like Rosetta Stone.  Here are a few:

Trading language learning with native users

The daily newspaper, as the language is written today about all sorts of subjects (not just pol and econ like most FSI handouts)

Local radio, for listening comprehension and all sorts of subjects:  joining is free

Plus, of course, finding small and varied ways to use the language as much as possible before leaving the US:


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, State folks can get Rosetta Stone free online through FSI distance learning. Takes a week or two to get access.

Madam le Consul said...

Didn't know that - thanks!