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Monday, May 31, 2010

Regular Guys Trying to Make a Living

Outrage was triggered last week by the closure of a bakery and catering business accused of employing illegal workers in San Diego.  ICE has not only indicted the owner for questionable hiring practices, but is in the process of seizing the business.  The attorney involved sputtered, " "The forfeiture laws are made for crack and methamphetamine, not crème brûlée."

But which of those products would you rather keep in your evidence locker?  And besides, most Americans think that meth is produced by natural-born American citizens in the survivalist sanctuaries of Idaho and Montana.  Just goes to show how out of the loop one can be.

The LA Times, which reported the story, made no mention of erstwhile customers weeping on the sidewalk in front of locked doors, but it could come to this.  A good French caterer is that hard to find.

At the opposite end of the country, another eatery remains closed while the proprietors try to come to grips with the definition of "marginality."

Finally, every consular and immigration officer's favorite Simpsons episode is the one in which ISN (at the time) takes away everybody's favorite Quickie Mart proprietor in chains.  An outraged Marge cries, "I don't know why they're picking on Apu!  He didn't do anything wrong except break the law!"

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